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Top 5 useful SharePoint 2013 Tools

  1. ULS Viewer
    You can download this tool from Microsoft’s website. ULS Viewer allows you to search and filter SharePoint logs in a better user interface.
  2. SharePoint Property Bag Settings 2013
    SharePoint Property Bag offers developers to store configurations settings at different levels of the SharePoint hierarchy outside of the application itself.
  3. SharePoint Host Named Site Collection Creator
    The SharePoint Host named Site Collection (HNSC) Creator is a Codeplex Project that allows SharePoint Admins to create HNSC Via a GUI instead of PowerShell. This project has two ways to be used. One of them is a Windows Forms application that needs no installation, and the second one is a SharePoint 2013 farm solution that plugs in the Central Admin for a native SharePoint experience. If you want to see Screenshots before downloading, visit the Documentation Section
  4. SharePoint 2013 Search
    After running the query, you can view all types of result sets returned; Primary Results, Refinement Results, Query Rules Results, Query Suggestions, in addition to the actual raw response received from the Search service.
  5. Ultimate Diagnostics
    This is an item display template which can be used for the Content Search Web Part. The display template outputs all the available properties for your result, and it will be show the property name, type, and value.

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